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Seminar "Russian cosmism in science and art. A.L.Chizhevsky oeuvre: cosmology, painting, poetry"

On Wednesday, September 19, the seminar “Russian cosmism in science and art will be held in Russian Institute for the History of Arts. A.L.Chizhevsky oeuvre: cosmology, painting, poetry (from the series “Valuable foundations of Russian artistic culture”. Leading the seminar – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Alexander Kazin.

Within the framework of the seminar there will be a presentation of V.Baidin’s book (France) “Inspired by the sun. Poetry and painting by Alexander Chizhevsky”.

The multifaceted oeuvre of the outstanding biophysics scientist, the founder of heliobiology and space medicine Alexander Chizhevsky (1897-1964) was a condensed expression of an unusually rich spiritual experience, it equally absorbed the scientific genius, the inventor’s talent, remarkable poetic and artistic talent. His life path Chizhevsky began as a convinced admirer of the French Impressionists. In the 1910s two collections of his poems were published in Kaluga and were highly appreciated by the greatest figures of Russian culture of the Silver Age: Bryusov, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Voloshin, Florensky. The owner of the universal creative genius, a vivid representative of “Christian cosmism” in the domestic thought and an innocent prisoner of the Gulag, he could oppose violence with an irresistible will to creativity… The proposed publication is devoted to the “phenomenon of Chizhevsky”, introduces the masterpieces of his poetic and pictorial creativity, with the outstanding personality and dramatic fate of this remarkable representative of the Russian intelligentsia. The book-album includes reproductions of the best drawings of the scientist, one hundred of his selected poems, rare archive photographs, as well as Chizhevsky’s Chronicle of Life and Literary and Artistic Creativity.

At the end of the seminar, a documentary film by Valentina Gurkalenko “Alexander Chizhevsky. The truth is simple”.