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Seminar «Electronic technologies — an instrumentarium for artistic practice»

On Wednesday, December 22, at 18:00, an annual seminar from the cycle «Electronic technologies — an instrumentarium for artistic practice» will take place. The seminar will be held in remote videoconference mode using Zoom technology. This year, in the context of the seminar, it is planned to consider two issues:

  • electronic audio technologies in the professional education for a musician;
  • perspectives of artificial intelligence in the artistic field and cognitive processes.

In the context of the actual issues of art history, everything related to the analysis of the humanitarian sphere developmental characteristics and functioning in contemporary, so-called post-industrial society and the perception of art objects related to this, directly, constitutes a sphere of active interest. The changing paradigm for the functioning of the global mechanism of modern society, the forms of existence of social consciousness, especially in such specific areas as the artistic space and the sphere of professional art education directly related to it, the actively progressing tendencies of virtualization of entire spheres of life, make the urgent need for the possibility of an expanded interpretation of the elements of artistic and educational processes and transformations of its traditional models. In the processes of the ongoing transformation of the artistic paradigm, as a set of fundamental creative attitudes, ideas and guidelines, accepted and shared by the creative community and ensuring the continuity of the development of culture and art, there is no more single matrix that determines the levels of possible aesthetic interpretations.

The reports contain reflections on the evolution of artistic instrumentarium, on the values created with its help. A more complicated, multidimensional interpretation of the problematic of the issue under consideration, associated with the emergence of electronic technologies, as a powerful creative palette in the practice for contemporary art and the sector of professional art education is demonstrated.

The system of relations between the artist and the elements of artificial intelligence in the artistic and educational environment – it will be proposed to consider both from an academic standpoint and from the standpoint of a contemporary interdisciplinary approach.

The principal speaker and presenter is Maxim Ivanovich Karpets, PhD, composer, senior research scientist, Department of Organology, Russian Institute for the History of the Arts. The seminar will be attended by invited guests, specialists of various profiles: composers, musicologists, educational workers of the middle and higher level, physicists, directors, theater experts, programmers, producers.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Опубликовано: 22 December 2021