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Seminar "Folklore, Anthropology, Ethnography": "Sergey Gavrilovich Rybakov".

On Monday, April 3, at 12.00 in the White Hall of Russian Institute for Art History, Department of Folklore will present a seminar dedicated to the 150th anniversary Sergei Gavrilovich Rybakov within the framework of the “Folklore, Anthropology, Ethnography” cycle.

Sergei Gavrilovich Rybakov (1867-1921) – ethnographer, folklorist, musicologist, statesman. In 1885 he was graduated from the men’s gymnasium in Troitsk with a silver medal. In 1885-1889 he used to studied at the Faculty of History and Philology of St. Petersburg University. In 1890 he was entered the Faculty of Law and at the same time to the St. Petersburg Conservatory in the class of theory and composition of N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov. In 1912, S.G. Rybakov was graduated from the courses on Islamic studies under the Imperial Society of Oriental Studies, St. Petersburg.

In 1893-1901, S.G. Rybakov had been worked as a folklorist at the Imperial Russian Geographical Society (IRGO). On the instructions of the IRGO ethnographic commission, he was repeatedly visited within the expeditions to study the ethnographic, folklore and musical creativity of Kazakhs, Nagaibaks, Bashkirs, Tatars, Teptyars, Peoples of Central Asia and Siberia. He did a numerous notations of Tatar, Bashkir songs, as well as composition works upon a Tatar and Bashkir songs, and a books: “Kuray – the Bashkir musical instrument. With an appendix of six melodies of Kurai” (1895) and “Music and Songs of Ural Muslims with an outline of their life”(1897). For his scientific expeditionary activity, S.G. Rybakov was awarded with the gold and silver medals of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.

The works of S.G. Rybakov do not lose their scientific relevance up to nowadays.

The seminar will include the following reports:

A.B.Nikanorov “Sergei Gavrilovich Rybakov (1867-1821). Materials for biography and bibliography;

N.Yu.Almeeva “Works of S.G.Rybakov on folklore of Tatars, Bashkirs and Nagaibaks;

N.N.Glazunova “Collection of Central Asian records of S.G.Rybakov in the funds of IRLI”.

The film “Path of Nagaibaks: duty, pain and light” (2010; directed by Salavat Yuzeyev, 33 minutes) will be demonstrated