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Seminar “Basic Principles for Organization of Music Notation Systems”

On Wednesday, September 22, at 9.30 at the Russian Institute for the History of the Arts, a seminar “Basic principles for organizing music notation systems” will be held.

The seminar is devoted to discussing a wide range of issues related to music notation. Therefore, the topics of the reports can be very diverse: from questions of the structure and functioning of one or another form of musical writing to the analysis of musical-theoretical sources in which notation material is present, and the role of notation in various musical-theoretical systems. The Institute expects that this seminar will discuss issues of notation since the earliest times.

In the process of free discussion, it is proposed to discuss the problem of coordinating scientific forces and generalizing the results of family studies. This problem seems to be the most important for science and education.

It is possible both in absentia form of participation (with the help of video communication via the Internet), as well as offline.

Please inform us about your consent to participate in the seminar and the topic of your report to the address:  (Stanislav Englin).

Опубликовано: 22 September 2021