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Congratulation for Ihor Vladimirovich Macijewski on Anniversary!

The staff of the Russian Institute for the History of the Arts congratulates the head of the Organology department, Doctor Habilitatus in Art History, Professor Ihor Vladimirovich Macijewski on his 80th birthday!

Ihor Macijewski is one of the scientists discovering new phenomena, directions, methods, creating scientific schools. His entire life in science is connected with the Russian Institute for the History of the Arts: for more than 50 years he has written fundamental monographs on the traditional music of the Hutsul region, Southern Ladoga area, general theoretical works — the monograph “Folk instrumental music as a cultural phenomenon”, three volumes “In the space of music”, hundreds of articles, many educational programs that bring the educational process to the highest world level. His multifaceted composer’s work includes symphonic, vocal-choral and chamber-instrumental compositions, music for performances and films and reflects a unique, comprehensive knowledge of the principles of traditional musical thinking of various cultures — Hutsul, Polish, Belarusian, Russian, Lithuanian, Kazakh.

By the efforts of Ihor Vladimirovich in the early 1990s, the instrumental science department was restored; the Department of Music of the Finno-Ugric Peoples has been functioning at the Petrozavodsk Conservatory for more than thirty years — a unique and only educational structure in our country that graduates specialists in ethnomusicology. Hundreds of his students around the world have become leaders and leading specialists in their scientific schools of ethnoinstrumentology, under the guidance of Professor Macijewski, 28 candidate and 6 doctoral dissertations have been defended. Numerous lectures at leading universities in Europe, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, master classes, jury memberships at festivals and composition competitions, participation in various public associations — this is an incomplete list of the spheres of social and scientific activity of Ihor Vladimirovich. His appearance, like Pushkin’s “lawless comet”, always sets a high intellectual level and emotional tone to an event; he has a valuable gift to “kindle” with enthusiasm, self-confidence, will to act, and optimism. Loyalty to your loved ones and your talent, your profession, openness to new things, hope for the best, inexhaustible energy of life — these qualities serve as an example for everyone around him!

Many summers, dear Ihor Vladimirovich!