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International Conference "Third Orlov' Readings"

The Department of Organology, the Russian Institute for the History of Arts, invites you to participate in the International Conference “The Third Orlov’ Readings” dedicated to the outstanding Russian musicologist, Genrih Orlov (1926–2007).

The series of conferences “Orlov’ Readings” is devoted to the issues of comparative art history. The formation of interdisciplinary research areas is currently most relevant scene for identifying and developing the issues of comparative art history. In this development, representatives of various areas of art history are united in joint efforts to cognize the specificity of each particular aspect of the topic under consideration. They investigate the characteristic patterns of art in general and individual complexes of various structural and functional characteristics as a kind complicated issue.

The scientific program of the conference is focused on the issues as follows: comparative studies of various ethnic cultures and historical and cultural civilizations; identification of interaspect art universals; studies that determine the structural and aesthetic standards of text construction in spatial and temporal arts.


The principal directions of the conference work


  • Genrih Orlov’ heritage in the context of contemporary science.
  • Structural typology of polyelement (synthetic and syncretic) arts.
  • Similarities and differences of particular arts complexes (music – choreography, painting – architecture, architecture – literature, etc.).
  • Functional typology of polyelement types of art on subjects, forms, the nature of reflection and modeling.
  • Structural universals in music and other arts based on their juxtaposition.
  • Study and comparison of different types of artistic cultures.
  • Contemporary problems of transcription of ethnic music.
  • The issues of interaction and synthesis of various ethnohistorical forms of art.
  • Dichotomy of structural and functional in the development of artistic genres and forms.
  • Comparison of various systems of academic and traditional musical pedagogy in Russia and Eurasia.
  • Contemporary audiovisual technologies in art and art history.
  • The art of sound and light.

The conference will have held on October 15-16, 2018 in the Green and White Halls of the Russian Institute for the History of Arts: St. Petersburg, St. Isaac’s Square, 5.

Forms of participation: presentation report (15–20 minutes), video and audio demonstration.

Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until August 15, 2018 by e-mail: (application form is attached).

Based on the results of the conference in 2019, it is planned to publish a collection of articles. Articles for publication are accepted until October 1, 2018. Articles from 10,000 to 20,000 characters are accepted. Please pay special attention to the design of references, a list of literature and a footnotes. Enumerated list of literature should be placed at the end of the article in alphabetical order. References to the literature are given through the colon in parentheses: the first digit is the edition number, the second is the page number. For example – [2: 68].

Conference languages: Russian, English.

Application form