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Second Source Readings “Drama. Opera. Ballet «(In Memory of T. D. Ismagulova)

On November 15–16, 2021, the Department of Source Study of the Russian Institute for the History of Arts will hold the Second Source Study Readings “Drama. Opera. Ballet” dedicated to the memory of T.D.Ismagulova (1951–2020), the philologist, historian of the Zubovsky Institute, long-term employee of the Department of Source Study. Colleagues (G. V. Kopytova, L. Byukling, F. R. Balonov, etc.) will share their memories of the multifaceted scientific activity of T. D. Ismagulova.

During the Second Source Readings, a wide range of topics will be covered: from local plots related to individual performances and episodes from the life of theatrical figures to large reviews of unpublished letters. The participants of the readings will focus on new translations of plays of Italian futurism, the image of Sergei Diaghilev in world cinema, letters from Mikhail Chekhov and much more.

The second source study readings “Drama. Opera. Ballet” will be of interest to both theater experts and historians, literary critics, art critics.

The event will be held in the format of a video conference. To receive a link to the broadcast, you must send a request to one of the addresses: (Olga Anatolyevna Fedorchenko); (Susanna Andreevna Filippova).

The conference starts at 11.30.

Опубликовано: 15 November 2021