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Seminar «Spiritual foundations of Russian culture: Russian cosmism»

On Thursday, March 30, at 15.15 in the White Hall of Russian Institute for Art History, was hold a seminar «Spiritual foundations of Russian culture. Russian cosmism» (from the series «Value Foundations of Russian Art Culture»). Leading the is Professor A.L. Kazin, [Dr.Habil., Director of RIAH, St. Petersburg.]

In 2017, the outstanding Russian scientist, Professor Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky, the founder of such scientific fields as cosmogeliobiology, cyclicity of solar activity, aeroionification and electrohematology, space ecology, etc., would be turn a 120 years old.

A.L.Chizhevsky – a outstanding representative of Russian cosmism, the founder of coscmic natural science, a talented artist, poet, philosopher and musician. As an honorary member of many academies and scientific societies of the world, he was named the world scientific community as a “Leonardo da Vinci of the XX century” and nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Jubilee readings dedicated to the 120th anniversary of A.L.Chizhevsky will be held on March 29-31, 2017 in St. Petersburg.

In the nowadays world, the issues of the influences of outer space on the biosphere and the inhabitants of the Earth is becoming more and more in demand. As a result of a new discoveries, an interest in space travel, space weather, space biology and medicine as well as other prioritable scientific directions, united ideas of the future harmony of man and nature as a single planetary organism is growing.

Among the organizers of the Readings are govermental, public and commercial organizations of the city of St. Petersburg. The issues of the Readings in the year of ecology in Russia is devoted to the popularization of scientific ideas of space science and human ecology on the basis of studying the creative heritage of A.L.Chizhevsky.

Honorary Chairs of the Readings:

B.M.Vladimirsky, A.L.Golovanov, A.I.Subetto, A.V.Trofimov, L.T.Engelhardt.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee – G.M.Imanov.

Deputy. Chairman of the Organizing Committee – A.L.Kazin.

The Chairman of the Program Committee is Yu.A.Nagovitsyn.

Deputy Chairman of the Program Committee – O.P.Mukhin.

The chairman of the Youth Committee is O.P.Rezunkova.

Deputy Chairman of the Youth Committee – I.A.Isaev.

Chairman of the Committee of Art Projects – V.I.Gurkalenko.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Art Projects – V.A.Chervinskaya.

Scientific Secretary – M.A.Trubina.

Main goals and issues: Propagation of scientific ideas and discoveries of the multifaceted creative heritage of A.L.Chizhevsky, the founder of many scientific trends. Attraction of attention of russian scientists and specialists as well as youth to the problematic issues, to the innovative research, to the study and development of ideas, hypotheses and theories on the basis of modern scientific achievements and technologies, art and creativity. Formation of cosmic thinking and development of ideas of modern cosmism and noospheric knowledge in the information society of the XXI century. Comprehensive development of the teacher-student relationship as the basis for continuity in science and art and as a factor in creative evolution, civic and patriotic education of young people and in the innovative process of intellectualizing society.

The program of the Readings provides for plenary and sectional meetings, poster presentations on the issues of the Readings, participation in the roundtable on the problems of modern cosmism, holding thematic excursions in the Russian Geographical Society, the Main Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the V.P.Glushko Astronautics and Rocketry Museum, Planetarium, the Russian Institute for the History of Arts and the A.I.Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory.


Participation in the Readings is free of charge for everyone. The sponsorship are welcome always!

Contacts: Trubina Marina Avgustinovna, +7 (911) 297-1910,





The main events of the conference “Jubilee Readings dedicated to the 120th anniversary of AL Chizhevsky” in the period of March 29-31, 2017 in St. Petersburg


Day First. March 29

The A.I.Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory.  (Karbysheva St., 7)

11:00-12:00 Excursion


Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society (Grivtsov Lane, 10)

15:00-19:30 Solemn opening of the scientific conference and the books presentation


Day Second. March, 30th


V.P.Glushko Astronautics and Rocketry Museum. (on the territory of the Peter & Paul Fortress, Ioannovsky Ravelin)

10:00-13:30 Section session “Ad astra per aspera” and excursion


St. Petersburg Planetarium (Alexandrovsky Park 4.)

14:30-15:30 Excursion


Russian Institute for the History of Arts (Isaakievskaya sq., 5)

14:00-15:00 Excursion

15:15-19:00 Scientific and Artistic Workshop “Spiritual Foundations of Russian Culture: Russian Cosmism” (documentary and video films, music and poetic program)


Day Third. March, 31st


Main (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pulkovskoe shosse, 65)

11:00-14:00 Section session “Space climate and space weather” and excursion


Smolny Institute of the Russian Academy of Education (Polyustrovsky Ave, 59)

11:00-15:00 Section session “Contemporary Problems of Noosphere”

15:30-16:30 Round table “Ideas of Chizhevsky and Modernity”

16:30-17:30 Carrying out the master class “Watercolors”

17:30-18:30 Solemn closing of the conference


Additional activities upon the issues of the Readings


March 30-31 in the RSPU them. All-Russian student conference “Space and Culture” will take place.

March 27-29 Competition of research and creative works of schoolchildren