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Seminar "Image and Logo. Alexander Sidelnikov the film director ouevre"

On Thursday, October 11, at 4 pm, a seminar “Image and Logos. Alexander Sidelnikov the film director ouevre” (the cycle” The Foundations of Russian Artistic Culture “) will hold in White Hall of Russian Institute for the History of Arts. In December of the same year, he was posthumously awarded “Nika” – the highest cinematic award for his documentary “Vologda Romance”. For him, it was the second “Nika” already. And he lived only 38 years. Domestic and worldwide documentary filmmaker’s society has lost one of its best young directors, who had everything ahead.

In the most general, philosophical and ideological terms, all the Sidelnikov’s documentaries are Russian idea images-logos in its Christian understanding. On the screen, there are no concepts and no wording – we have before us the very objective reality of this idea, built as an actual Russian cultural, historical and everyday cosmos. Actually, this is the general meaningful intent (pathos) and the end-to-end plot action (storytelling) of his documentaries, in relation to which the specific fabled functioning of individuals and episodes acts as their documents (including music). Alexander Sidelnikov’s author’s documentary fiction cinematic formula is a formula of eternal (ideal) Russia, and this is our eternal gratitude to him for.

His principal documentaries:

– 1981 – Pier (fiction)

– 1981 – Safety for transport workers

– 1982 – Wonder Root

– 1985 – I dreamed of a garden

– 1986 – Monologue of the machines spirit. Lev Koshkin

– 1987 – Computer games

– 1989 – Transformation

– 1990 – Fatherland to us – Tsarskoye Selo

– 1990 – Polygon

– 1992 – Vologda romance

– 1993 – Petersburg romance. Valery Agafonov