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Seminar «Contemporary Opera: the development vectors»: «Semiramis»

On Monday, February 12, at 14.00 the Russian Institute for the History of Arts cinema hall, was be held the next seminar from the series “Contemporary Opera: the development vectors”. The event was be devoted to Gioacchino Rossini’s opera “Semiramis”, presented in 2017 at the Munich Opera Festival. The last Rossini’s opera-seria, “Semiramis” considered the one of the most difficult one in the vocal point among the world opera repertoire. Its premiere took place in the Venetian theater “La Fenice”, the principal role was sung by Isabella Colbran, the Rossini’s wife. “Semiramis” has been shown in St. Petersburg in 1836 and became one of the favorite operas of the Italian repertoire.

The Munich’s “Semiramis” was directed by american director David Alden who been invited to stage it by theather. Alden, together with Paul Steinberg – the stage designer and costume designer Buki Schiff embodied to the stage the one of the actual problems of the existence of a person in a totalitarian political regime.

Leading the seminar – A.L.Porfiryeva, PhD and G.V.Kovalevsky, PhD.