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Seminar "A word about Lermontov (on the 205th anniversary of his birth)"

On Monday, November 11, at 15.00 in the White Hall of the RIIII a seminar “The Word about Lermontov (on the 205th anniversary of his birth)” from the cycle “Value Foundations of Russian Art Culture” (head A. L. Kazin) will be held.

The principal speaker is Olga Borisovna Sokurova, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor of the Institute of History, St. Petersburg State University.

The inconsistency of assessments and opinions accumulated to this day on the fate and work of M. Yu. Lermontov, in addition to the difference in methodological approaches and philosophical positions of researchers, can be largely explained by the inconsistency, complexity and dynamism of the poet’s personal manifestations in life and work. In addition, in his spiritual biography, according to his own confessions, there were reserved zones hidden from prying eyes.

The report contains reflections on the mystery of the personality and fate of Lermontov, explores the main motives of his poetry and prose, including the theme of the confrontation between nature and civilization that he developed at great depth and is so relevant today. The mystical sides of his creative gift are not ignored.

The author of the report sometimes illuminates and comprehends the images of Lermontian heroes, reveals the spiritual causes of their inner problems, and also finds out whether the system of positive values that the poet relied on existed.

At the end of the report, the film “Lermontov” will be watched (1986, directed by Nikolay Burlyaev, 96 min.).