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International research and practice conference «METROPOLIS SOUNDSCAPES AND THE ART OF MUSIC»

Department of Organology invites scientists, researchers, graduate students and musicians to participate in scientific research and practice conference, which focuses on – the phenomenon of the contemporary metropolis sound landscape and the sound world of music. The conference will discuss the following range of problems:

• chaos and harmony of the modern metropolis

• urban phonosphere and modulation in perception of musical timbre

• anthropology of the soundscape in contemporary metropolis concept

• challenge of auditory space structuring

• phonographic aesthetics of modern music

• musical ideas lifetime and metropolis chronotop

• architectural acoustics as a phonography tool

• musical organology and the digital revolution

• auditorial reality kaleidoscope and the structure of urban space


Forms of participation: report (20 min.), Post (10 min.), A demonstration of multimedia materials.


Application Deadline:

Abstract, thesis (300 words), CV (200 words). Please, send your texts to the following address:, specifying the name of the conference – no later than May 1, 2016.

The conference report texts will be published in a scientific almanac “The voice in the culture”, Issue #6. Accepted articles up to 40,000 characters – no later than May 15, 2016.

The organizing committee of the conference:

Dr. Maxim Karpets, PhD (Chairman of the Organizing Committee)

Dr. Irina Chudinova, PhD (Scientific supervisor of the project)

Marina Sen, Scientific Researcher (Artistic director of the project)


Russian Federation,

St. Petersburg, 190000,

St. Isaac’s Square, 5

tel. +7 (812) 314-41-36,

fax. +7 (812) 315-72-02

Опубликовано: 20 June 2016