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The Fourth International Scientific and Practical Conference “The Fates and Careers of Artists of the XXI Century. Forecasts and prospects"

The Department of Actual Problems of Contemporary Art Culture of the Russian Institute for the History of Arts invites sociologists of art, art historians, anthropologists, economists and art psychologists to participate in the Fourth International Scientific and Practical Conference “Fate and Career of Artists of the XXI Century. Forecasts and Prospects”, which will be held on November 7–8, 2018 at the Russian Institute for the History of Arts. During the conference, the organizers plan to expand an interdisciplinary discussion about the place of the artist and art professions in the contemporary world and the future, outlining a futurological perspective. Having passed from artisan and servants to scientist, genius and idol of the crowd, professional artists nowadays are left behind in contemporary times against the background of creative consumption of artistic culture, and their professions not only lose their usual outlines, but also rapidly disappear in the struggle against cultural industries and socio-economic challenges of our day. Will the very concept of a professional artist in the future? What are the horizons of our expectations?

As part of the conference, it is supposed to consider the modern specifics of professional activity in various types of art – from literature, visual arts, music, theater and stage arts and cinematography – to the newest forms of art production that are in the process of professionalization and legitimation in the art world or even have not yet depicted their outlines.

During the two-day conference, the organizers offer to discuss the following issues:

Ways of success in the social field of art today and in the future.

  1. Theoretical approaches and methods for studying the careers of contemporary artists
  2. The artist and the market: from ideology to economic dictation … and vice versa?
  3. The role of cultural mediators and institutions in the careers and the destiny of artists
  4. Family and gender issues as a factor of professional change
  5. Regional features in the careers of contemporary artists and the place of national schools in the art of the future
  6. Recruitment and education in the formation of artists
  7. The artist and the public in the era of creative consumerism and new authenticity
  8. Social censorship and its role in the destiny of the artist
  9. Contemporary mechanisms of engagement of artists
  10. The role of commodification and cultural industries in the destiny and career of an artist
  11. Intercultural communications in the fate and career of artists
  12. The artist in the space of modern religious culture
  13. Russian artist abroad: adaptation strategies and self-identification
  14. The role of cultural, ethnic and national identity in the artist’s career


According to the results of the conference, a collection of reports is expected to be published. The deadline for submission of applications and report materials is September 20, 2018.

The working languages ​​of the conference are Russian, English. Publication standard up to 20,000 characters including spaces. Font: Times New Roman 14; interval – one and a half. Tables and illustrations will be published in black and white. Over-the-text links are placed after the text of the article under the heading “References”. Sources are arranged alphabetically, in the text the text indicates the sequence number of the source and page, for example: [1, p. 277]. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject the submitted materials if they do not correspond to the thematic areas of the conference and the requirements for registration. The decision to include the report in the conference program will be announced no later than October 20, 2018.

Please send your applications and reports to the following e-mail address: addressed to the chairman of the organizing committee, senior researcher Department of Actual Problems of Contemporary Art Culture – Marina Leonidovna Magidovich;

Contact information of the organizing committee: Magidovich Marina Leonidovna – chairman of the organizing committee: e-mail:;

Vdovenko Igor Valerevich – candidate of claim., Senior researcher Sector of actual problems of modern art culture, deputy. Chairman of the Organizing Committee: e-mail:

Phone for information: +7 (812) 314-41-36

Mailing address: 190000, St. Petersburg, St. Isaac’s Square, 5. Russian Institute for the History of Arts, Department of Actual problems of modern artistic culture, Magidovich M. L.

The registration fee is not charged.

Payment of travel to the conference venue and payment for hotel accommodation at the expense of the directing party.