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Seminar "Russian Artistic Culture Value Foundations"

On Monday, May 13, at 15:30, Russian Institute for the History of Arts, will present a seminar “Russian Artistic Culture Value Foundations” which will be held at the Green Hall. The seminar will include the presentation of the book by Valery Baidin “Under the endless sky. Images of the universe in Russian art “(M .: Art – XXI century, 2018. “Art Critic” Series). Lead – Professor A.L.Kazin, RIHA acting director, Doctor of Philosophy.

What was the image of the world in the era of the Russian art birth? How did the artists of antiquity portray the inconceivable – the heavenly light? What did the “bulbous” dome and tent mean for medieval architects? What is the national identity of the Russian landscape? What ideas are hidden in the works of avant-garde? Why does “planetary” aesthetics arise in post-vanguard art?

Answers to these and a number of other questions are presented by the author of the book, which ia firstly devoted to Russian artistic cosmism. On a multitude of examples, it shows that Russian art, despite the change of civilizational paradigm in the X-th, XVIII-th, and XX-th centuries, retained an internal unity, and in each new era deep cultural archetypes were manifested.

The book clarifies some well-established art history terms and assessments, examines the work of undeservedly forgotten masters, obscure works of art. Cultural analysis is based on a wide range of sources, includes materials of archeology, ethnography, visual and decorative and applied arts of different eras.

Valery Baidin – Russian and French cultural studies, art historian, writer, doctor of Slavic philology, author of the monograph “L’archaïsme dans l’avant-garde russe. 1905–1945” (Lyon, 2006), books and articles devoted to the Old Russian archaic, medieval culture, art of modern and avant-garde, philosophical ideas and works of H. Vronsky, E. Galle, N. Fedorov, A. Bely, V. Khlebnikov, A. Chizhevsky, artists of the group “Amaravella” and others.