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Second Scientific Conference "Saint-Petersburg' theaters, which are doesn't exist"

October 8, 2018 The Department for Source Studies of the Russian Institute for the History of Arts is holding the Second Scientific Conference “Saint-Petersburg’ theaters, which are doesn’t exist”.

The theaters which existed for a short time, as a rule, dissolve in the general palette of the cultural life of the city, their traces, shadows are lost, information of them is inaccessible or perverted.

One has to especially regret the lack of information of the numerous theatrical formations of the epoch of the director’s theater with their strongly pronounced focus of artistic searches. The first part of the conference, as like as the last year, will be devoted to theaters of the late XIX – first third of the XX century, which will bring back the undeservedly forgotten fragments of this time in the history of St.Petersburg the theatrical.

The second part will be devoted to the St. Petersburg’ theaters of the turn of the XXth and XXIst centuries to has been disappearing. Appeal to their history will preserve the not yet lost evidence of their activities, fix the theatrical process of the recent past.

Form of participation:

presentation (up to 20 minutes),

message (10 minute).

Deadline for applications:

until August 1, 2018.

The application should contain information about the participant: surname, name, patronymic, academic degree, position, place of work, presentation theses (5-10 sentences), e-mail address, contact phone. Please send your applications to Filippova Susanna Andreevna at


Conference Organizing Committee:

E.Galanina, Senior Scientific Researcher, Dept. for the Source Studies, RIHA;

S.A.Filippova, Research Scientist, Dept. for the Source Studies, RIHA.