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Scientific-practical conference "The Art of Sound and Light"

October 17-18, 2018 in the Green and White Halls of the Russian Institute for the History of Arts at the address: St. Petersburg, Isaac Square. 5 there will be held a scientific and practical conference “The Art of Sound and Light”.

The Department of Organology, Russian Institute for the History of Art, the Optical Theater and the Prometheus Association invite you to participate the scientific and practical conference “The Art of Sound and Light”, dedicated to one of the vital issues of contemporary art history – the interaction of sound and light phenomena in the humanitarian and natural sciences aspects. The interdisciplinary background of conference should bring together specialists from various fields of scientific knowledge. In the list of events there planning reports, master classes, a round table on the general issues of the Art of Sound and Light, as well as a demonstration of audiovisual compositions and presentations of light and sound projects.

Topics of the conference include (but not limited to) the areas as follows:

  • phenomenon of interaction of sound and light in musical art;
  • sound and light aesthetics;
  • sound and light symbolism in the visual arts and music;
  • psychophysiological preconditions for the formation of photic images in music;
  • light and color in ethnomusicology;
  • light and color in musical terms and concepts;
  • Scriabin’s sound-and-light ideas: research and interpretation;
  • sound and light reflections in the work of M. Čiurlionis;
  • the interaction of sound and color in the research and creativity of M. Matyushin;
  • Baranoff-Rossiné’ “Optophonic Art”;
  • “The Art of Light and Color” by G. Gidoni;
  • “light” and “color” in the musical scores of the XX–XXI centuries;
  • contemporary light and sound instrumentation ideas;
  • Kazan research in the field of synesthesia: history, theory, practice;
  • sound and light/color in the art of cinematography;
  • light architecture and light music;
  • light theatre;
  • Zorin’ “Optical Theater”.


The conference will hold on October 17–18, 2018 in the Green and White Halls of the Russian Institute for the History of Art: St. Petersburg, St. Isaac’s Square, 5.

Applications for participation with the name of the conference in the title are accepted until September 2, 2018 by the following e-mail addresses: or (see Annex 1 for the application form).

Based on the results of the conference in 2019, it is planned to publish a collection of articles. The deadline for publication’ materials submission: 10, October, 2018. The technical requirements for the articles: main text up to 20,000 characters, the abstracts in Russian and English – up to 150 words each. Footnotes and annotations. Numbered list of literature at the end of the article in alphabetical order. References to the literature are given through the colon in square brackets: the first digit is the edition number, the second is the page number. For example – [2: 68]. Examples of registration of articles can be viewed on the link to the publication of the first issue of the collection of articles “Comparative Art History – XXI Century”:


Organizing Committee:

Olga Kolganova, PhD, Department of Organology Scientific Researcher, Russian Institute for the History of Art (St. Petersburg).

Sergei Zorin, the creator of the first portable photomusical instrument for accompanying the light-dynamic compositions (1963) and the Optical Theater (1969), author and performer of compositions of musical lighting and optical performances (Moscow).

Anastasiya Maximova, PhD, associate professor, Kazan State Energy University, head of “Prometheus” association (Kazan).


Annex № 1. Application form.

Full name


Contacts: e-mail, phone number

Place of work


Scientific degree, rank


Information of yourself by example: Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov – musicologist (film critic, artist), doctor of art history, professor of the Department of Theory and History of Culture, Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, a member of the Union of Composers of Russia, Honored Worker of Science and Education (St. Petersburg).


Theme of the report (message, presentation, speech)

Theses of the report (2000 – 3500 characters)

Title of report in English

Abstract of the report in Russian (up to 150 words)

Abstract of the report in English (up to 150 words)

Annex № 2. An example of the report abstracts.


Anton Rovner (Moscow)

 «АНС» – первый многоголосный синтезатор в России

Text (2000 to 3500 characters).

Anton Rovner (Moscow)

“ANS” – The First Polyphonic Synthesizer in Russia

The text of the abstract in English (up to 150 words).

The text of the abstract in Russian (up to 150 words).