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Scientific conference "Folklorists field season - 2015"

February 24-25, Russian Institute of Art History (folklore department), the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg (department of folk music) and Mekhnetsov folk-ethnographic center of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory will conduct one of the the regular conference named “Folklorists field season – 2015”.

The conference is held annually. The conference organizers aim to familiarize students with the state of the traditional culture of different peoples with the most recent expedition materials.

We invite you to make your reports that include material on popular culture (narratives, music, and other rite activities.) collected in 2015.

It is desirable to demonstrate multimedia materials with a total duration of performances no more than 30 minutes.

Financial support for the attenders are the responsibility of the sending side.

Application deadline is a February, 15. Please send your application to the address:

Organizing Committee:

Stanislava.Kuchepatova, research scientist / Folklore Department/Russian Institute for Art History

Dr. Tatiana Molchanova, PhD, Associate professor/SPbGUKI.

Elena Chermenina, researcher/ FETS SPbGK.