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Scientific conference "Folklore and ecology of traditional culture"

On Wednesday, December 6, at 11.30, in the White Hall of Russian Institute for the History of Arts the Department of Folklore presented a conference “Folklore and Ecology of Traditional Culture” (within the Year of Ecology in Russia). The subject of the meeting is based on the concept of the ecology of culture, proposed by D.S.Likhachev. In a non-written culture, environmental aspects are of particular importance, primarily because the traditional person, its life and creativity are closely related to nature: landscape, climate, type of terrain. The conference was touch upon the issues of such interrelations. The existence of the folklore tradition itself, its current state, changes, the processes of its formation in the past, fading in the present was also be the subject of discussion at the session. The preservation of various types of folklore, the influence of the external environment on the folk tradition, on the diversity of relations to it, the depth of internal properties inherent in its bearers, the creators – these are the ecological issues that was be discussed during the conference.