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Conference "The sculpture as an issue. XX-th century»

On Wednesday, February 28, Russian Institute for the History of Arts holds the conference “The sculpture as an issue. XX-th century».

The past century has witnessed not only the blurring of boundaries between traditional forms of art, but a fanciful surge of interest in plastic art, which gave the sculpture a chance to find a second birth – after a bright start in the era of Quatrocento and a mysterious absence in subsequent centuries.

But this new blossoming became a kind of swan song, moreover, much that in the first half of the century could be perceived as a new Renaissance – the congenial work of Donatello and Ghiberti, then to the extent lost its relevance, as the new sculptors rejected the work of teachers to follow, and from the cultural memory of mankind these works have tried to erase. Who is to represent the sculpture of the twentieth century in the history of art: Mukhina or Smith, Burdel or Calder, Lembroke or Duchamp? Perhaps, both of them? Well, we have to admit that the history of plasticis art of modernism has not been written yet.

Sablin I.D. Introduction

Korolev A.V. About the Tower of Tatlin

Bobrikov A. Sculpture and “formless”. Postminalism and feminism of the 60s

Chechot I.D. Vanishingof sculpture in the XX century. Causes and consequences

Kundriukova N. The issues in oeuvre Berwilde de Breyker

Fedchin F.V. Modernism and reception of ancient sculpture – about one chapter in historiography

Ivanova S.V. The bas-reliefs of St. Mark’s kievory: Studies of the 20th century

Sablin I.D. Sculptor Cezanne