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Conference "Artist and Emigration"

On Wednesday, March 21, at 13.00 a scientific conference “Artist and Emigration” (cycle “Zubov Readings”) was be held at the Green Hall of Russian Institute for the History of Arts.
The issues are supposed to be considered in different contexts. At one of its poles is the conscious setting of the creative personality, formulated by the poets: “You are the king, live alone”; “I do not care at all where it’s absolutely lonely to be” … On the other hand, it’s a political gesture, the deportation of those who are ungovernable at the moment.
This is the whole range from escapism to departure for political reasons and forced emigration – which turned out to be characteristic of the Russian intelligentsia not only right after the revolution (“philosophical steamers”), but also throughout Soviet history (subsequent waves of emigration, expulsion of politically dissenters).
What the emigration is at all? Is it a parting with the homeland, gaining freedom, a catastrophe? How does it manifest itself in the artist’s work?
A.A.Bobrikov. Emigrant as a pilgrimable virtuoso. Nikolay Feshin
I.D.Sablin. Life in Venice
M.L.Magidovich. The last artist of the “First wave”
A.V.Korolev. Penelope’ Savan. Alexander Ivanov and his painting “The Appearance of Christ to the People”


S.V.Ivanov. The Russian Abroad Iconography : murals of the 1930s-1940s
V.V.Degtyarev. The revolution, emigration and restoration in the works of the architect A.Pugin (1812-1852)
A.Postnikova. Artist, emigration and Amsterdam.
I.V.Vdovenko. “Everything turned out to be quite different.” Emigration of the early 1990s: hopes, expectations, reality.