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ΧI-th International Organology Congress «Blagodatov’ readings»

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation


Department of Organology

Informational Note

 October 23-25, 2017

ΧI-th International Organology Congress

«Blagodatov’ readings»

 The Russian Institute for the History of Arts, Department of Organology present the 11th International Organology Congress «Blagodatov’ Readings”. The Congress will be held within the framework of the Federal Program «Culture of Russia 2012-2108». The forthcoming scientific forum is called upon to consolidate specialists and experts in organology throughtout Russia, the CIS, as well as the foreign scientists to be devoted to a wide range of issues in contemporary science of organology, among which are as follows:

 –          academical organology;

–          ethnoorganology;

–          functional bases of ethnic instrumental music;

–          problems of ergology;

–          structural and style characteristics of conventional and contemporary instrumental music of the world traditions;

–          musical acoustics;

–          campanology;

–          illuminantive and sonorous musical instruments;

–          musical archeology and anthropology;

–          instrumental music in the arts hierarchy;

–          musicology in the system of cognitive sciences;

–          liturgical musicology.

Scientists, musicians, composers are invited to participate. The collection of materials upon the congress are planned for publication.

Forms of participation: report (20 min.), a multimedia demonstration (not more than 30 mins), participation in concert program.



Until May 15, 2017 – application: name, academic degree, work position [brief abstract], address, e-mail, proposed form of participation, report abstract.

Until August 1, 2017 – materials for publication (up to 10,000 characters), CV RUS & ENG (250 char).


Please send your texts to the following address:,

specifying the name of the conference.


Footnotes and notes should be placed inside the main text body. Numbered list of literature should be placed at the end of the article in alphabetical order. References to the literature are given through the colon in parentheses: the first digit is correspond to the publication number, the second – to the page number. For example – (2: 68).

Travel expenses including an accommodation – at the expense of the sending party. The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to include reports in the program and decline to accept materials that do not correspond to the issues of the congress.


The organizing committee of the conference:

Chairman of the Organizing Committee – I.V.Matziewsky, Dr. habil, Head, Dept. of Organology

Vice chairman – V.A.Svobodov, Dr. habil, Principal Scientific Researher, Dept. of Organology


Committee members:

I.A.Chudinova, PhD, A.A.Timoshenko, PhD, A.B.Nikanorov, PhD, D.A.Bulatova, PhD, O.V.Kolganova, PhD, M.I.Karpets, PhD, Scientific Researhers N.V.Alexandrova & M.A.Sen, Postgrades: S.Schouvalov, P.Martchenko, V.Ivanoff