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Seminar in memory of Larisa Mikhailovna Ivleva (75 years of birth)

On Friday, July 5, at 4:00 pm, in the Green Hall of the Russian Institute for the History of Arts, the Department of Folklore holds a seminar from the cycle “Folklore, Anthropology, Ethnography”. The meeting is dedicated to the memory of Larisa Ivleva, an outstanding scientist – folklorist, philologist, ethno-theater expert. This year she would have turned 75 years old. L.M.Ivleva – a representative of the legendary scientific school of V.Ya.Propp, his favorite student. Larisa Mikhailovna managed to combine the achievements of Russian folkloristics and ethnography with the study of theater, ritual, and entertainment forms of traditional culture. Larissa Mikhailovna combined deep penetration into the nature of creativity, into his lively creative element, with the immense erudition, scrupulous study of archives, and excellent knowledge of sources. It was this kind of association that led L.M.Ivleva to authentic research discoveries, to the creation of a new scientific direction – ethno-theater studies. The L.M.Ivleva’ concept is based on the idea of the rite as a phenomenon, which turns out to be a game in form and a myth in content. In any folk theatrical forms contain elements of this ratio. The fundamental theoretical principle has always been supplemented by Larisa Mikhailovna incessantly collecting work, constant deep human communication with people who are carriers of traditional culture.
A. V. Romodin, I. V. Macievsky, F. Chelebi, G. V. Tavlay, N. N. Glazunova, S. V. Kuchepatova, A. B. Nikanorov, A. F. Nekrylova, A. A. Sokolov-Kaminsky, M. G. Davidova, T. D. Bulgakov, M. N. Vlasova, I. G. Raiskin and other colleagues, friends, students of Larisa M. Ivleva was be attended the seminar