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Scientific conference "Petersburg theaters, which are not exist"

On Wednesday, October 18, a scientific conference “Petersburg theaters, which are not exist”, dedicated to the theaters of St. Petersburg in the late XIX – first third of the XX century, was take place in Russian Institute for the History of Arts.

Many innovative ideas at the beginning of the era of the director’s theater, influencing the formation of artistic tendencies of the turn of the century, were born in small theaters. To date, the information of their activities are largely limited to reference data on the premises, the composition of the troupe and the repertoire. Theaters that existed for one or small number of seasons are dissolved in the general palette of the St. Petersburg cultural life at the beginning of the XX-th century. The organizers of the conference suggest returning to the history of the theatrical Petersburg undeservedly forgotten pages of those time.

The speakers will present materials on both known scenes and those that are completely unknown. For example, upon the famous Meyerhold’ “Intermedia House” will be devoted three reports at once, the Theater of New Drama and its artists – holds two of them. Among the theatrical experiments of the 1920s, which many of those who attended the conference will hear for the first time, you can name the theater of horrors “Guignol” and G.Gidoni Theater of Ligt. The conference “Petersburg theaters which are not exist” is interesting to theater experts, historians, literary critics, art critics, as well as to all admirers of St. Petersburg and its history.